Disney Magic Seminars

Disney Magic Seminars

Four Seminars with Rich Hamilton, author of Disney Magic Business Strategy!
It makes business more fun. Learn more about how you can put the strategies from Disney Magic to work in your business!

Seminars cover Business Strategy and Leadership, Magical Customer Service, Powerful Keys to People and Management, and Growing Creativity.

Putting the Disney Business Model to Work

with Rich Hamilton, author of Disney Magic Business Strategy

Learn the secrets of Disney’s moneymaking theme park operation from the man who wrote the book on Disney’s business strategy, Rich Hamilton. Most people go through life working or running a business that’s “good enough” but not feeling happy because they’re not achieving the success they deserve. It’s usually because they are missing a few little things that make a big difference. In this tele-seminar, Rich becomes your mentor, showing you the secrets Walt used to build these remarkable businesses, and helping you put some magic in your life.

  • How Walt Disney “saved” the company when he built Disneyland, and what that means for you.
  • Two things at Disneyland that make people come back again and again.
  • Three things that guests say they like best about Disneyland.
  • Three special ideas you can use to hire, train, and keep the best qualified people.

The seminars cover four basic areas:

  1. Business Strategy and Leadership
  2. Magical Customer Service
  3. Powerful Keys to People Management
  4. Growing Creativity

You can own the set of four CD recordings of these informative seminars. They are available online for $125.

For a limited time, we’ll include a bonus CD… an interview with Kendra Trahan, author of Disneyland Detective, discussing the details at Disneyland that help create a quality experience for people who return again and again.