Disney Magic: Business Strategy

Disney Magic: Business Strategy

Disney Magic: Business Strategy
You Can Use at Work and at Home

Wouldn’t you rather make more money, enjoy life more, and get more done? Walt Disney created cartoons, animated features and feature films, and his most successful venture was the creation of Disneyland, followed by Walt Disney World. This book, by a Disney outsider, is an independent examination of Disney’s most powerful success secrets. It focuses on how Disney was able to create the first theme park and achieve financial success, and on the Disney company’s amazing management techniques. Whether you use these methods at home or in your business, you will refer to this book again and again.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World may be the best run businesses in the world, highly regarded for customer satisfaction and so successful they fund the shortfalls of the Disney studio and broadcast ventures. In this book a Disney “outsider” examines the Disney theme park business and reveals success secrets that everyone can use. 20.00

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Disney Magic: Business Strategy
You Can Use at Work and at Home
by Rich Hamilton
ISBN 0-9728476-0-X
Pub. SellBetter Tools, Sept, 2003, 112 pp.

In this book you will discover:

  • Walt Disney’s Formula for Making Dreams Come True
  • Disney’s 4-Part Employee Management System
  • An amazing Visualization process for solving problems
  • Walt’s ‘secret’ key that balanced dreaming with caution
  • Three things Disney delivers that delight customers most
  • Two things that bring customers back again and again

This amazing book is your road map to putting Walt Disney’s theme park strategy to work for you. What are you waiting for?****

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What People Are Saying About
Disney Magic: Business Strategy
You Can Use at Work and at Home

“Your book is a veritable Disney BIBLE! You’ve told the well-known stories, but added the creative thinking, smart planning, and constant ‘change’ to make it all work. Walt was a dear, dear friend of mine and our families were close.”
Art Linkletter, radio-television personality, author, Kids Say the Darndest Things and Old Age id Not for Sissies

“Loaded with information and easy to read! Rich Hamilton has combined stories about Walt Disney with useful success methods that Disney used to create Disneyland. If you like Disneyland, or have ever wondered how Walt Disney came up with the idea and successfully put the business together, read this book.”
Jim Cathcart, Author, The Eight Competencies of Relationship Selling

“Rich Hamilton dissects the magic of Disney in a fun, interesting and user-friendly way. ‘Disney Magic’ clearly is a book of business savvy you can adapt to use personally and professionally.
Larry James, CelebrateLove.com, Author, How to Really Love the One You’re With

“Rich Hamilton captures the essential quality of Disney’s genius. You’re given a rare opportunity of stepping inside the mind of a visionary by exploring the dimensions of Walt Disney’s dreams. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone seriously striving to obtain personal or professional success.”
Carole Copeland Thomas, Syndicated Radio Personality, author, Personal Empowerment

“Rich Hamilton helps with more than selling and marketing, he knows how to deliver on a dream, plan complex projects, and put together a responsive workforce. Listen carefully to what Rich says about engineering a successful business.”
Bill Brooks, Author, High Impact Selling

“Rich Hamilton insists that we can all succeed by applying a few simple methods. Rich’s down-to-earth way of looking at business is refreshing. Hamilton is at his best when discussing such specifics as how to give people what they want, how to understand promotion, and how to generate follow-up business.”
James Malinchak, Author, From College to the Real World

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  1. Walt Disney’s Formula that Makes Dreams Come True p.13
  2. Obstacles are No Obstacle p.22
  3. The Amazing Secret of How Everyone
    Gets the Big Picture p.25
  4. The Culture Becomes a Business Operating Plan p.33
  5. The Discovery that Makes Disney Park
    Attractions Unique p.37

  6. Always Promoting, Cross Promoting p.44

  7. Disneyland: Never Finished p.50
  8. How Disney Uses Attention to Detail to Create Magic p.54
  9. Guestology, Disney’s Link to Customer Service p.59
  10. Disney Creates Magic Moments to Delight Guests p.63
  11. Four Keys to People Management p.68

  12. How ‘Casting’ Finds Champions to Run the Park p.71

  13. Disney’s Secret Weapon: ‘Traditions’ Launches Careers p.76
  14. Eyes & Ears and Bulletin Boards p.82
  15. The Amazing System that Takes Care of the Cast p.85
  16. Take the Risk and Pay the Bills p.91

  17. Even with Success in Your Blood, You Can Fail p.94

  18. No More Excuses p.99
  19. Suggested Reading p.101

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A Note to Management
As you reflect on what you read here, you may think that Disney has used modern management techniques that everyone should know. The difference here is that at Disney theme parks, they actually do it! And it works.

Too often, it seems, a new initiative is introduced at the annual conference, or a training program or retreat is used with the hope that communication and productivity will be improved. For a moment, there is hope. But by the next Monday morning you realize nothing has really changed.

Here’s the challenge: Today and every day you are competing with the very best. No matter what your product or service, your customers and your employees compare you with the best run companies in the universe. One of those is Disney, and they experience Disney best at the theme parks where the customer experience is superb and the employee satisfaction– well, they have a high percentage of employees who stay there for decades.

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A Note to Everyone Else
How can it make sense to learn about Disney’s theme park business when you work in a job where someone else has control of the business? The business strategies that Disney uses in its theme parks are powerful methods that can be applied in your job and at home.

In this volume, you will discover specific methods you can use on the job to be more effective and to get more done. You’ll find your job is more fun, and you’ll come to work more excited. Over time, others in your company may adopt some of these methods, and the resulting synergy will benefit you all.

You will also find specific things you can do at home to make your time with your family more fun and more productive. You’ll be a double winner, at work and at home.

And, if your company’s management gave you this book, you may be lucky enough to be part of a company where they are adopting these methods. That means you have the opportunity to be part of a very special transformation, as your company becomes more dynamic and more fun.

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